jaliboy. sixteen-turning-seventeen. single/NOT available. bedok north secondary school. cucu nek puteh. 2nd child. born on 13 feb. wanna work. im lazy. im in love???. love my brothers. the first A in HAZARDS.


Myself. My love ones(family of course). The gal tat i love(secret). My hazard vaskaris brothers..haha. My lepak2 frens. My friends(schoolmate,friendster,msn). I love the whole world.


to eat(pat changi,nasi ayam penyek). sleep. jogging. play soccer n takraw. lepak2 dgn members pat longkang. sembayang haha. watch tv. hang out with friends watch movie or sumting. stripes. n many more.


i hate blood. injections,lagi2 bile amek darah. reading books. going 2 school(but i miss school). geletek. backstabbers. irritating people. penyebok. matrips(i look like one 2). dan byk lagi..hahaha..


Sunday, February 25, 2007
cleaning n studying
9:17 PM

hello..heres my post 4 todae..tiz morning guess wat,for the first time i clean my room tiz year..hahakz,ive got my room back last week after my mak cik when back to live at her house..its great to have it back..i miss my room,its been 5 month..k,ya i clean my room on my own with no ones help..ya,need to show some qualities of being a good husband..haha..see the pic 4 more info..

around 2 o clock i then start to study(ya,i really joke,i repeat its not a joke).i did my dnt work that i must hand in by tommorow..haiz..around 4 i was so boring studying alone..i kol akmal n zul wether they could join me to study at my house...

however,zul cant make it(how sad,tiz is twice including YESTERDAE)he was too nervous to ask his dad..nvm zul,i understand..its hard to ask permission from our parents tiz daes..then akmal came around 4.30..we start study again(there were less talk tiz time,this shows that we can study even with friends)haha..then we went to bedok for a while to snap pics 4 my dnt project..

we had our dinner at my house when we went pakcik bought for us murtabak,how great is tat..then we continue study(however,this time there is some distraction..hahakz)then i n akmal manage 2 get our dnt work DONE!!ya,we made it alrite..i n akmal prove 4 the first time tat we can still study with friends around..hahakz(dgr 2 hazard bro,kite blaja)..

picture time