jaliboy. sixteen-turning-seventeen. single/NOT available. bedok north secondary school. cucu nek puteh. 2nd child. born on 13 feb. wanna work. im lazy. im in love???. love my brothers. the first A in HAZARDS.


Myself. My love ones(family of course). The gal tat i love(secret). My hazard vaskaris brothers..haha. My lepak2 frens. My friends(schoolmate,friendster,msn). I love the whole world.


to eat(pat changi,nasi ayam penyek). sleep. jogging. play soccer n takraw. lepak2 dgn members pat longkang. sembayang haha. watch tv. hang out with friends watch movie or sumting. stripes. n many more.


i hate blood. injections,lagi2 bile amek darah. reading books. going 2 school(but i miss school). geletek. backstabbers. irritating people. penyebok. matrips(i look like one 2). dan byk lagi..hahaha..


Sunday, December 03, 2006
4:10 AM back again,now with a new skin thankz 2 zul..youre the best..i love stripes..haha..i also had a hard time taking pictures of myself 4 zul 2 do the layout..haha..i hate being a hiding my hair btw,i had cut looks awful 2 my hair is damned short..haiz..i really miss blogging..i haven updated my blog 4 a long time..miss tagging my frens my com is fine,im gonna start blogging again..yeah..

i had clicked six pic of myself 4 the layout n zul only picked one..haha..check it out..i taken it in my room with my sis hope u like it..

i look damned stupid in tiz sleeping??

sori,my room is so messy..hehe...

haha...nk step cool la bdk ni..

i love this one

paisey bro..jgn marah..

i like this one 2..

k,tatz all i can update 4 tag my blog aites..bye..take care..