jaliboy. sixteen-turning-seventeen. single/NOT available. bedok north secondary school. cucu nek puteh. 2nd child. born on 13 feb. wanna work. im lazy. im in love???. love my brothers. the first A in HAZARDS.


Myself. My love ones(family of course). The gal tat i love(secret). My hazard vaskaris brothers..haha. My lepak2 frens. My friends(schoolmate,friendster,msn). I love the whole world.


to eat(pat changi,nasi ayam penyek). sleep. jogging. play soccer n takraw. lepak2 dgn members pat longkang. sembayang haha. watch tv. hang out with friends watch movie or sumting. stripes. n many more.


i hate blood. injections,lagi2 bile amek darah. reading books. going 2 school(but i miss school). geletek. backstabbers. irritating people. penyebok. matrips(i look like one 2). dan byk lagi..hahaha..


Sunday, December 03, 2006
11:20 PM

hello..haha..i have cute pics of my anak sedare..they r so cute..yesterday they came 2 my house..haha..dapt manje2 dgn diorg..we had fun taking pics,n playing games with them..they r so friendly..

this is my youngest sister..she is 3 yrs old..cute la sayeeda..

sayeeda n nabila(my anak sedare)..she loves 2 run about..nk amek gmbr die pe sekse..

haha..tatz me..kai songkok,hiding my hair..hehe..n my fav ank sedare diana..she is so cute..i like 2 see her laugh..i tink she like me..hehe..

haha..die senyum..diana n my sis(menyebok)

me n diana again..both r cute..hehehe..

i love this pic..haha..

this is my youngest anak sedare..juz born early nov..adani aleeya..cute name,mcm pakcik die jgk..haha..

sayeeda menyebok je..

haha..she was shorcked,at that time many people were taking pics of her..popular se..wish i were a juz born baby..hehe

her height is equal to my arm length..

my cousin hasinah with the baby..she say thay look the u tink so?naaaa..jauh..haha..the baby is so cute...

sssssssshhhhhhhh..takmo nk nite..

k,tatz all i can update..bye..take care..tag my blog aites..haha..peace out..