jaliboy. sixteen-turning-seventeen. single/NOT available. bedok north secondary school. cucu nek puteh. 2nd child. born on 13 feb. wanna work. im lazy. im in love???. love my brothers. the first A in HAZARDS.


Myself. My love ones(family of course). The gal tat i love(secret). My hazard vaskaris brothers..haha. My lepak2 frens. My friends(schoolmate,friendster,msn). I love the whole world.


to eat(pat changi,nasi ayam penyek). sleep. jogging. play soccer n takraw. lepak2 dgn members pat longkang. sembayang haha. watch tv. hang out with friends watch movie or sumting. stripes. n many more.


i hate blood. injections,lagi2 bile amek darah. reading books. going 2 school(but i miss school). geletek. backstabbers. irritating people. penyebok. matrips(i look like one 2). dan byk lagi..hahaha..


Sunday, February 25, 2007
cleaning n studying
9:17 PM

hello..heres my post 4 todae..tiz morning guess wat,for the first time i clean my room tiz year..hahakz,ive got my room back last week after my mak cik when back to live at her house..its great to have it back..i miss my room,its been 5 month..k,ya i clean my room on my own with no ones help..ya,need to show some qualities of being a good husband..haha..see the pic 4 more info..

around 2 o clock i then start to study(ya,i really joke,i repeat its not a joke).i did my dnt work that i must hand in by tommorow..haiz..around 4 i was so boring studying alone..i kol akmal n zul wether they could join me to study at my house...

however,zul cant make it(how sad,tiz is twice including YESTERDAE)he was too nervous to ask his dad..nvm zul,i understand..its hard to ask permission from our parents tiz daes..then akmal came around 4.30..we start study again(there were less talk tiz time,this shows that we can study even with friends)haha..then we went to bedok for a while to snap pics 4 my dnt project..

we had our dinner at my house when we went pakcik bought for us murtabak,how great is tat..then we continue study(however,this time there is some distraction..hahakz)then i n akmal manage 2 get our dnt work DONE!!ya,we made it alrite..i n akmal prove 4 the first time tat we can still study with friends around..hahakz(dgr 2 hazard bro,kite blaja)..

picture time

Saturday, February 24, 2007
safra n sembawang??
10:34 PM

hey..hello back,ya,at last i have something to post,its been a long time ryte..hehe..sorry 4 nt updating my blog 4 a long time..been bz lately with school,friends n other now im gonna start blogging again..

kk,todae i when to my uncle house at pasir ris 2 visit my nenek bela my dad..its been a long time since i last saw her..then after that we went back home..out of a sudden i receive a call,i know its zul but i purposely did not pick up,hehe..sowie zul,but then i call him back when i reach home..actually i suppose to meet haziq,faridah n zul,but i cant make,zul ask me wether i could join them now,n tatz was around 4..i ask my mom n she let me go out..

than something happen,someone gave me a bad news when i reach eunos interchange...haiz..zul nk kene alek..haiya,i was like perspiring like hell then i receive this news..haziq was going to meet left with then i made a last min plan with sheik n syerzan..i ask faridah out to join us to play pool at safra tamp..i meet sheik at his father shop n we meet faridah at the mrt n when straight to safra..

however,when we reach there,syerzan haven arrive..die masih tgh mandi,haiz bdk we decided to play was really fun...faridah play very well..i lose to her n sheik!!then syerzan came n we play another two games..

after that faridah had to went back home as its already 7..faridah wanna watch the pesta we accompanied her to the bus stop like bodyguards n sees her off..I FEEL REALLY BAD TO SEE HER WENT BACK HOME ALL ALONE FROM TAMP TO CLEMENTI..SOWIE FARIDAH..hahaha...(i mention it)...hehe..then left with me sheik n syerzan..

at first we wanna play bowling but it was damn expensive..haha,then we decided to play lan game..we play counter strike n half life,its been a long time since i last play cs..kaku se main..but still im good at play 4 one hour..sitting there,staring at the com eating cup noodle..

after that we went on an adventure to sembawang hunted prison was fun but kind of spooky,the place was damn quiet..but we did not see any ghost la..haha..then came this man riding a bike told us that we should not be there as it is a restricted area..haha,we act stupid n say sorry because its the first time we go there...haha..

ya,i really had a great time not so lonely like other time..i wish to have an outing with my friends everyday to fill my day with happines instead of lonelyness..btw i miss someone..haha..cant tell u..i have to keep my promise to sms her lesser but its hard 4 me..kla..tatz all..i have pictures 2..

sowie,im lazy to describe the pic..pandai2 la phm..tag my blog k..bye,tc..

Monday, January 15, 2007
new n improve playlist
3:54 PM

hey..hello..check out my new song playlist..i did not know that all the songs can be put into one till zul told now i know thankz 2 zul..but i did all the playlist by myself thankz 2 website,lots of songs..i have altogether 33 songs..hope u enjoy give some comments on the songs on my tag board aite..sorry 4 not updating my blog 4 so long..lazy la..hehe..k,

Saturday, December 23, 2006
12:09 PM

haha..the dota brothers..sorry for not updating my blog for so long..lazy la..i have no idea wat 2 post actually so i decided to pose tis pic the LB..wanna know wat LB means??haha..nvm,its lame..tiz pics shows only some of the LB..there r still a lot of LBs that r not in the pic..haha..sume muke merapek sak..kk,haziq..u wan tiz pic ryte??amek ah..btw,i made it 2 sec 5..yeah..ive got nine points..i don believe it,i tought that my face will go ite for sure,haiz,mayb i will go to higher nitec..haha..i will study hard 4 my o lvl nxt year unlike n,too slack,exam coming still can play soccer n lepak2 dgn budak longkang(clue)..haha..kk,that all,i outta words..tag my blog aites..bye..

Sunday, December 03, 2006
11:20 PM

hello..haha..i have cute pics of my anak sedare..they r so cute..yesterday they came 2 my house..haha..dapt manje2 dgn diorg..we had fun taking pics,n playing games with them..they r so friendly..

this is my youngest sister..she is 3 yrs old..cute la sayeeda..

sayeeda n nabila(my anak sedare)..she loves 2 run about..nk amek gmbr die pe sekse..

haha..tatz me..kai songkok,hiding my hair..hehe..n my fav ank sedare diana..she is so cute..i like 2 see her laugh..i tink she like me..hehe..

haha..die senyum..diana n my sis(menyebok)

me n diana again..both r cute..hehehe..

i love this pic..haha..

this is my youngest anak sedare..juz born early nov..adani aleeya..cute name,mcm pakcik die jgk..haha..

sayeeda menyebok je..

haha..she was shorcked,at that time many people were taking pics of her..popular se..wish i were a juz born baby..hehe

her height is equal to my arm length..

my cousin hasinah with the baby..she say thay look the u tink so?naaaa..jauh..haha..the baby is so cute...

sssssssshhhhhhhh..takmo nk nite..

k,tatz all i can update..bye..take care..tag my blog aites..haha..peace out..

4:10 AM back again,now with a new skin thankz 2 zul..youre the best..i love stripes..haha..i also had a hard time taking pictures of myself 4 zul 2 do the layout..haha..i hate being a hiding my hair btw,i had cut looks awful 2 my hair is damned short..haiz..i really miss blogging..i haven updated my blog 4 a long time..miss tagging my frens my com is fine,im gonna start blogging again..yeah..

i had clicked six pic of myself 4 the layout n zul only picked one..haha..check it out..i taken it in my room with my sis hope u like it..

i look damned stupid in tiz sleeping??

sori,my room is so messy..hehe...

haha...nk step cool la bdk ni..

i love this one

paisey bro..jgn marah..

i like this one 2..

k,tatz all i can update 4 tag my blog aites..bye..take care..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
im back
1:56 PM

hello blog is fine now except 4 my profile..nvm..if u were 2 view my blog,tag my blog n lvls r over..i took my last paper juz now..dnt paper was bloody difficult..nvm..juz hope i got 2 sec im going 2 start celebrate..oi bro..bile korang nk ajak kluar..tak kan nk duduk rmh lepas n..ouh ya..terlupe lak puase..slamat berpuase ehk..sowie la klau terlambat..lagi 13 days je..tahan ehk..pas2 hari raye bole mkn..bole gemok..yeah..kla..bye..take care..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

1:34 PM

hello hello....k..i dunno wad the hell 2 far nothing great has happen..btw check out my links..its half way done..but cool huh..the pics??thankz 2 zul...$12..hehe..speaking of are some of my stupid pics that i have taken from my brother's phone..seriozly..i have no work to do..i am so tired yesterday..all my kuzzy,makciks n pakciks gather at my house...n today i tink they will come least i had fun layan my adk sedare sume..they r cool but irritating..k,thatz all..haha..tag my blog aites..take care..peace..